Haka Espresso Gastro Bar Agistri

The one and only, excellent street food choice in Agistri!

Haka Espresso Gastro Bar


Haka: war dance from New Zealand 

Haka Espresso Gastro Bar Agistri: an excellent street food choice in Agistri!

Haka, a war dance from New Zealand, has peacefully arrived in Agistri to amaze our palates with the only and excellent, indeed, street food choice on the island!

This fantastic street food restaurant opened its doors for the first time in the spring of 2022 in the port of Megalochori, Agistir, also known as Myloi. The owner of Haka Espresso Gastro Bar in Agistri is Giannis, a successful businessman of the island who had in mind to give a more upscale street food selection to the locals and visitors of Agistri, offering delicious food in beautiful packaging.

Breakfast and brunch in Agistri

Visit Haka for breakfast and delicious brunch from 8 in the morning and other selected dishes and drinks until midnight. Haka has a special location with breathtaking views the port, sit at the beautiful balcony on the first floor to enjoy it. The warm, cozy atmosphere and the great food will make you come back again and again to enjoy the delicious handmade dishes from morning to night!

What makes Haka in Agistri special is the quality of the menu. Everything is handmade with carefully selected ingredients prepared and cooked on the same day.

Haka Agistri…an all day gastro bar!

Among the must-try dishes are the handmade burgers with pancetta or burger! For brunch we recommend the benedict eggs and the all time classic croque madame and croque monsieur. If you come to Haka with friends, you have to order the breakfast served on a huge plate, ideal for 4 people! We tried and totally recommend the Arabic flatbread with pancetta, the chicken wings with barbecue sauce and, last but not least, the delicious french fries with cheddar. Do try the great salads with quinoa and the tasty smoothies all day long!

Close your night with a spritz on the balcony and feel the haka of joy flooding you!

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Haka Espresso Gastro Bar

Megalochori Port, Agistri


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