Alkyoni Restaurant Agistri

Refined cuisine in an idyllic setting

Alkyoni Restaurant Agistri


Idyllic atmosphere and refined Mediterranean cuisine compose the setting for Alkyoni Restaurant Agistri, one of the best experiences that the island has to offer!

Alkyoni Restaurant Agistri does not need any introduction for the locals of the island and its loyal and recurring customers. Greeks and foreigners arrive even from the nearby islands to enjoy Mediterranean flavors and atmosphere.

It is located on the edge of a cliff in the area of ​​Skliri, near the beach of Halikiada, at the homonymous hotel complex. At Alkyoni Restaurant Agistri the setting is idyllic, one would say cinematic. Time seems to stop, thanks to the unobstructed views of the Saronic Gulf, the incredible beauty of the landscape and the relaxed, casual, family atmosphere, cultivated for decades by the owners of Alkyoni, Leonidas and Takis.

How to get to Alkyoni Restaurant Agistri

Reaching the port of Skala, the road splits on the right and leads to the developed tourist part of Agistri. Turn left to Alkyoni, the part of the island that some call the “real” Agistri. Welcome to paradise!

Greek – Mediterranean cuisine with Turkish influences

The restaurant’s cuisine is Greek-Mediterranean with Turkish influences. The menu is based on the grilled dishes on the one hand and on the traditional home-cooked dishes of the cook of Alkyoni, Vangelis, on the other. The raw materials, such as capers, sea fennel and fresh fish are taken straight from the nature of Agistri. Do not miss the shrimp spaghetti, the juicy roasts, the various specialties with local mushrooms and of course the dishes of the day.

Alkyoni’s kitchen has been operating since 1982 and it is no coincidence its clients return again and again. Last but not least, the restaurant has received positive reviews from respected international and national media (New York Times, Guardian, Athens News, Eleftherotypia, etc.).

In addition to lunch and dinner, visit Alkyoni in the morning or afternoon for coffee, cocktails and specially prepared drinks, raki and wine.

And if you are seduced by the magic of the landscape, choose Alkyoni Hotel Agistri for your stay, as the loyal guests of the hotel have been doing for decades!

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Alkyoni Restaurant Agistri

Skliri, Agistri

+30 22970 91377, +30 6989801721

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