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Agistri is love! I love it because it’s a little hidden treasure that offers so much more than one would expect. Here I forget the car, I get closer to nature, I enjoy diving into crystal clear waters, walking through its hiking trails or cycling in the shade of the pine forests. I keep discovering its pristine beaches, tasting its delicacies and I feel like a real traveler when I try its authentic experiences.

Ελίνα Αργύρη, Δημιουργός του We Love Aegina

Elina is a genuine Aegina lover and the mind behind We Love Aegina (later on Agistri and Poros). She has been involved with tourism marketing for so many years that she prefers not to even mention. Elina aspires to be free to do what she loves and, as a true Virgo(duhhh!), sets new goals every year! She wants to spend as much time with her family and loved ones – as possible, when she’s not dancing or choir singing! We Love Elina!


About Us 9

Web developer 
Antonis is the man behind all of our “We Love” projects,  at work and in life! In the past years, he has been tirelessly producing websites, apps, e-shops, and god knows what else.. stay tuned! He is our person when it comes to problem solving considering literally anything! A good concert, a basketball game with friends, or a rare beer are enough to make him happy! We Love Antonis!


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Content & Social Media 
Anthi creates all the necessary content to make the Saronic Gulf islands stand out! She lives in Aegina, where you will casually see her with her dog, Luna. In her free time, she travels the world and takes photos in the most beautiful places. We Love Anthi!


About Us 13Georgia
Content & Social Media
Georgia is the newest addition to our team, and she came to take us to the top! She knows the digital world as the back of her hand! Georgia loves to play with her dog Jax, our mascot and her great love. Jax will definitely become the new Argosaronic influencer – if we bribe him with treats of course. We Love Georgia!


About Us 15 Ioanna
Customer service
Ioanna is our person in Aegina! She is one of those Athenians who were totally captivated by the island and became true Aegina ambassadors! Quick and effective, she definitely knows every corner on the island by now. She is the definition of a giving person, an excellent cook, and an exceptional singer! We Love Ioanna!


About Us 17Ntina
Graphic designer
Ntina is our day one and she is responsible for our aesthetic or our so called- branding! She takes care of every little detail and without her, we wouldn’t be able to anything actually. She is anti-social media, but we still love her! We Love Ntina!



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Web graphics
Elli is what we call a Jack-of-all-trades; there is nothing she can’t do. She creates web visuals for us, with diligence, speed, and lots of love. For Elli, what matters most is people and a general positive team vibe. During the summer, you will probably find her at a concert in Athens – unless she is touring Greece with her tent! We Love Elli!


About Us 21
Popi shared some knowledge with us only a few times over the years, but that knowledge has proved to be crucial, as it inspired us to start back in 2017 – so to be honest, we kinda owe her everything we are. She continues to give us her advice whenever we need it. Objective and fair, with a truly unique gift: she is super understanding and always gives you the most appropriate advice. We Love Popi!


About Us 23
Stavros is there for all the hard times. Direct and caring, he stands by our side in our most important decisions, always pointing us in the right direction… A true scout at heart, he knows how to untie even the most difficult knot! His life goal: to become the new Eftyhios Bletsas(a famous Greek travel influencer) – well he is kinda there already 🙂 We love Stavros!


At We Love Agistri our vision is to introduce the world to the real beauty of this beautiful island. Come with us to discover it!

Elina Argyri

Our mission is to provide comprehensive information, proven suggestions and ideas for every type of traveler arriving in Agistri, from the most famous attractions to its most hidden secrets.

Enjoy! 🙂

We Love Agistri Team <3