Cookie Policy


Cookies are in simple wording small pieces of code that record your moves when navigating our site and are distinguished in

“Cookies” that are necessary to identify and / or maintain content entered by the subscriber or user during a session on a site throughout the specific connection, e.g. when completing an online form by the user or for registering the user’s purchases in an online store (eg by selecting the “add to cart” button). In the same category, persistent “cookies” are installed for the same purpose and last for a few hours.
“Cookies” that are necessary to authenticate the subscriber or user to services that require authentication (for example, when making a bank transaction via the Internet).
“Cookies” installed to protect the subscriber or user, such as “cookies” that detect repeated failed attempts to enter a user’s account on a particular website.
“Cookies” with multimedia content, such as a “cookies” flash player, during a session on a website. Such are, for example, “cookies” that are installed by viewing a video on the website that the user has visited.
“Cookies” that are necessary for the implementation of the load balancing technique in a connection to an internet site.
“Cookies” that “remember” the choices of the subscriber or user regarding the presentation of the website (eg “cookies” concerning the choice of language or the presentation of search results on a web page).
“Cookies” installed through plug-ins on social networking sites and related to the sharing of content between certified members who have already logged in.
“Cookies” installed for the purpose of advertising and installed by the provider of the first party cookie site as well as for “cookies” installed by others (eg advertising networks) through the third party cookies.
“Cookies” installed by others (eg, advertising networks) through the third party cookie and necessary for other purposes (eg research and market analysis, improvement of advertised products, etc.) and not are directly related to user identification.
“Cookies” installed for statistical analysis (web analytics)
By entering our website, you are aware of a note about how to use cookies and how to disable them or not.