Agistri Tickets and Access

Access – How to get to Agistri
Hellenic Seaways
You can reach Agistri by conventional or speedboat from Piraeus or Aegina – in the summer months it is connected by daily itineraries. Therefore, if you disembark at Athens airport, you must head to the port of Piraeus to board the corresponding ferry to Agistri. Our advice: have your transfer/ airport transfer from the airport to Piraeus booked in advance.

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It takes 1 hour and 35 minutes to arrive to the port of Skala by ferry boat (cost €11.5 per person and €29.5 per car per route) while with the flying dolphin (doesn’t carry vehicles) you will reach Mylos/ Megalochori, its new port, in less than 1 hour (cost €14.5 euros per person per route). The truth is that the car in Agistri is not very useful if you want to explore it since several routes are only accessible on foot or by bike. Note that after October and until around Easter, the itineraries of ships and flying dolphins are significantly reduced.

Agistri – Aegina – Methana – old Epidaurus

Agistri is connected to Aegina by local transport (3-6 €/ ticket), AGISTRI EXPRESS (8.30 am and 10.30 am), sea taxis and ferries (ferry boat and flying dolphins) starting from Piraeus, making a first stop in Aegina and departing immediately to Agistri with a journey time of only 10-15 minutes.

You can also reach Agistri from Methana, the old Epidaurus and other nearby places, by boat or inflatable boat, depending on the weather, the season and the relative availability.


Private transportation

For those of you who are looking for comfort in your transportation, you can book your transport privately, for you and your group, from and to Agistri with Jamaica tours – Water taxi!