Bariama Beach

Relaxation and pic-nic!

Bariama Beach

Bariama Beach in Agistri is one of the beaches for those looking for peace and privacy. Depending on the season, if you are lucky, you may have Bariama beach all to yourself… Bariama pebbly beach is proud for its natural beauty and something more: a flat surface with greenery and shade that is suitable for a picnic, reading, playing or just a good summer nap!

You will find Bariama beach in the north of Aponisos beach following a dirt road around the lake – you will reach Magiza beach 5′ after you leave the lake behind you – or 10′ after the cemetery of Agios Nikolaos.

Tip: Don’t forget to take with you all necessary supplies (water, hat, sunscreen etc) to enjoy this unique beach without suffering!

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