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Aktaion Spa

A new luxury wellness spa was recently added in Aktaion Beach Hotel, to provide guests with the ultimate relaxation experience!

A variety of options are available to meet the needs of guests such as: fitness with wooden machines from Nhord company, a salt wall sauna from KLAFS company and a steam room with a shower, as well as many treatments for the face and body! The holistic wellness experience starts with the use of the fitness area, continues with the steam room for muscle relaxation and ends in the sauna.

Take some time to enjoy the relaxing experience of Aktaion Spa and feel the literal idyllic atmosphere. Located in a peaceful place with earth-tone colors and wonderful lighting you will definitely enjoy inner peace. After the special KLAFS salt treatment, we guarantee you will feel like a new person! The Microsalt system uses high-quality salts that are ground into tiny particles and released into air, creating a beneficial microclimate with dry salt aerosols. Afterwards, we suggest continuing with a visit to the steam room, to benefit from the detoxifying effects and absorb the natural ingredients of Ariadne products.

*For those wanting to take a swim, the options are either the Swimming Pool or the Private Beach. A spacious pool awaits you, with a shallow end for young guests and for the sea lovers a private sandy beach, located just in front of the Hotel and is prepared to welcome you. There is also a fully equipped snack bar, where you can enjoy your tea, drink or snack!

Let’s take a closer look at the spa treatments:

Face Experiences:

A facial treatment dedicated to local products and aromatic herbs, such as sage, honey and other precious ingredients that quench the skin’s thirst, instantly restoring the skin’s normal moisture levels. The soothing properties of rose water combined with the cool aroma of lime will invigorate you, while the skin is taken care of with the unique moisturizing benefits of the nourishing honey mask. The beneficial apricot oil provides the skin with valuable anti-aging benefits, while the final treatment stage ensures that all the moisturizing ingredients are retained in the skin.

The ultimate antiaging experience for your skin, enhanced with precious stones for a porcelain skin! This facial treatment repairs and renews skin cells, helps to enhance elasticity as well as lift facial contours, resulting in a visibly firmer, younger and more radiant appearance. Rose quartz crystals contribute to the facial massage ritual, focusing on minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, while evening primrose and ylang-ylang extracts repair and revitalize the skin, delivering a visibly firmer and youthful appearance.


Relax and forget the stress for a while with this aromatherapy experience. This relaxing massage uses light to moderate pressure and a blend of essential oils specially designed for you with the aim of dispelling tension and relieving you.

A beneficial massage that contributes to the release of muscle tension. With slow movements and deeper pressure, the therapist focuses on the areas where tension builds up the most. The result of these pressures is the relaxation, not only of the superficial muscles but also of the entire set of muscles.
groups of the deep layers.

Indulge all your senses in a mysterious, seductive ritual massage that promises to seduce mind, body and soul. Feel the warm drops of the wax gently touch your body, as the velvety feeling of the oil embraces your skin, offering a unique feeling of softness. An irresistible, mysterious experience of aromatherapy, relaxation!

Mini rituals:

A complete treatment and body care, which offers a feeling of relief and freshness after extended exposure to the sun! A soothing treatment with anti-inflammatory action that deeply hydrates irritated skin and soothes redness. The application of a fully revitalizing body mask with water lily, cucumber, aloe and yogurt replenishes the skin’s lipids and provides intense hydration and noticeable softness.

Express body exfoliation treatment with enchanting aromas. With the help of the small crystal scrub, the skin is freed from dead cells, while blood circulation is enhanced. As a result, your skin regains its lost elasticity and softness, revealing its healthy, shiny and smooth appearance!

Aktaion Spa

Skala Agistri

Tel.: 22970-91222, 6944628606

Website: https://www.aktaionbeach.com/wellness/

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