Agistri Lake

Trekking into natural and historical beauties

In the southern part of Agistri, to the west, lies the famous Lake of Agistri – also known as “Basin” for the locals, ideal for trekking (you can follow the path that passes through this point on the map) or by bike, which is the most common way of transportation on Agistri.

The lake consists of sea water and boasts of its own wetland of local flora and fauna – especially in the spring when the vegetation blooms and beautifies the whole landscape. According to, the wetland of Agistri:

  • Is an important point for rest and supply for some remarkable species of birds during their migratory journey
  • Was named Aliki (it reaches 55 acres and has a perimeter of 1,100 meters) when the inhabitants of the island built a 60 meter canal that connected it with the sea so as to regulate the flow of sea water to produce salt. Over the years, the canal remained open but now the small wetland is not used as a salt pit.
  • A dirt road is found around Agistri lake, which later becomes a path. One can easily hide behind a tree or bush and observe the birds that visit it mainly during the winter months.

The Lake is very close to Aponisos, as you approach from Limenaria, so it is worth combining your walk with a swim in the turquoise waters of Aponisos. We also suggest that you visit the beautiful Byzantine church of Agios Nikolaos, the first to be built on the island, located very close to the lake. Inside the church cemetery you will find old tombs which are said to belong to pirates. The church of Agios Nikolaos is protected by the Greek archeological service.

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