Hola Brunch & Sweet Experience Agistri

Homemade brunch & handmade desserts in Skala, Agistri

Hola Brunch & Sweet Experience Agistri


The cute little sweet spot of Skala says “Hola” and invites us for a delicious brunch in Agistri! Welcome to Hola Brunch & Sweet Experience!

With a history since 2013, Hola Brunch & Sweet Experience Agistri has developed its menu based exclusively on what its customers have been asking for all these years. The cool, youthful and cozy atmosphere and the irresistible flavors compose the setting for all-day sweet and savory pleasures every hour of the day.

The day at Hola Brunch & Sweet Experience in Agistri starts with an all-time classic breakfast and brunch, from yogurt and eggs in their most popular versions to the famous smoothie bowls. The bites from the morning pleasures are alternated with sips of Hausbrandt coffee and freshly squeezed juices from fresh fruit.

We tried and highly recommend the benedict eggs, the favorite croc madame, the traditional scrambled eggs, and the omelet, placed on a delicious bun with perfectly crispy bacon for extra doses of taste and pleasure.

At Hola Brunch & Sweet Experience you will enjoy delicious and rich pancakes in your favorite flavors, from classic praline to millefeuille and strawberry with delicious strawberry pieces, freshly baked waffles with handmade ice cream, and traditional sweets reminiscent of grandma flavors, such as the best-selling Greek chocolate salami that goes perfectly with an ice cream scoop.

What makes Hola Brunch & Sweet Experience unique are the carefully selected and high-quality raw materials for pancakes, crepes, waffles and ice creams.

Do try the out-of-this-world chocolate souffle or the juicy chocolate pie, the generous banoffee and profiteroles, as well as the millefeuille. Do not hesitate to try everything, as all sweets served at Hola are handmade!

For your lunch or dinner, at Hola Brunch & Sweet Experience you will enjoy fresh salads, burgers and hearty sandwiches, like the all-time classic BLT in a freshly baked baguette!

Take a seat at one of the tables of Hola Brunch & Sweet Experience and enjoy one of the best experiences for handmade brunch and homemade desserts in Agistri!

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Hola Brunch & Sweet Experience Agistri

Skala Beach, Agistri

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