The Best Beaches In Agistri


Green nature in all its glory, crystal‑clear refreshing waters, tranquility and inner harmonization… Welcome to Dragonera beach in Agistri! Located on the west side of the island, you will visit again and again the big and the small Dragonera beaches on the island of Argosaronikos.

The well thought out, quality food will blow you away.. for breakfast you can enjoy smoothies with superfoods and then you can choose between pork chops, chicken neck, traditional greek salad with local oregano and olive oil from Epidaurus and handmade french fries. Everything is served in eco friendly wooden food boats (so cool!). We would also like to highlight something important about Dragonera cocktails, which are made exclusively 100% from real fruits and not from fruit pastes!

Beach parties with DJs every Saturday

The music (not Greek hehe) fits perfectly with the landscape, as it balances between chill‑out, lounge, atmospheric sunset, funky and ethnic. Keep in mind that on Saturdays the beach bar hosts famous DJs of Athens’ electronic music scene.

The pine forest that embraces the pebbled beach of Dragonera composes the ideal setting for your summer dives in the crystal clear blue‑green waters, the coldest on the island due to the underground currents!

At Dragonera beach in Agistri you will enjoy your summer dives whether you want to live intense summer moments with music from the beach bar, or you want to experience the isolation and quietness on the other side of the beach, after being equipped with the essentials from the beach bar!


Beach parties & events in Dragonera

If you love the beach atmosphere, you can organize your own event by the beach, from birthday parties to beach wedding celebration parties!

The big and small beaches of Dragonera are located 3 km far from Megalochori, or 10′ by car/ bus.

The genuine beauty and authenticity of the place makes it an attraction for free campers although it is not allowed officially.


Aponisos is actually a private islet connected to Agistri by a small bridge resulting in two beautiful bays on the right and left. This “bridge” is “open” for visitors from late spring to mid‑October every day, from morning until sunset.

Everybody loves Aponisos, from families with children, to groups of friends, and all those who seek isolation at the beach. The layout of the area is such that allows fun with games at sea, SUP, canoeing, skiing and various water sports, while there are places on the island, such as the north side, where one can be isolated from other visitors to come closer nature and enjoy nudism!

The feeling that you are literally walking and swimming between two islands is very special. It is Agistri’s hidden secret – and one of the Saronic Gulf’s hidden secrets in total. To enjoy the waters of Aponisos, dive from its flat rocks or from its small pier. You can also use the small ladders that lead you step by step closer to the magic of its waters – take your mask with you for a more complete experience.

Aponisos is about 6.5 km far from Megalochori following the road to Limenaria. On the way you will pass by Agistri’s unique natural lake!

And something you did not expect: If you are lucky, you will see peacocks roaming freely, as well as ducks, that sometimes swim in the sea, turtles, rabbits, parrots, a goat and a sheep, who are the permanent residents of Aponisos!


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