What’s the weather like in Aegina?

The weather in Aegina is notably… mild. The climate is Mediterranean, with a good amount of sunshine, mild temperatures and limited rainfall. The winters are mild and the summers are warm and dry (with some vital cool breezes!). Snowfalls in Aegina island are a rare phenomenon, yet it happens. Some years the island gets dressed in white – although it does not last longer than 3 days so you will be lucky if you witness it! Check more info here about Aegina Island Weather.

How can I reach Aegina island?

Ferry Boats, Flying Dolphins and open-type ferries depart daily from Piraeus Port to Aegina. Ferry Boats take passengers, cars and mopeds and make it to the port of Aegina in about 1 hour and 10 ‘. The trip with a Flying Dolphin, which carries only passengers and no vehicles, takes about 35 ‘. The open-type ferry boats connecting Piraeus with Souvala and Aghia Marina also do not take vehicles but only passengers while the journey takes about 45′ and 1 hour respectively.

Check more info about ferries to and from Aegina.

Can I personalize the search results according to my preferences?

Weloveaegina.com is the one and only Aegina travel guide that offers users the ability to search for information based on their personal preferences. In each website’s category (whether we are talking about Aegina landmarks or beaches, restaurants, hotels and so on), the user/ traveler filters out the results based on the options offered at the top of the page. Today, personalization is crucial to the customer’s (online) experience and this has been proved by the latest statistics worldwide.

How much time is the trip’s duration?

Ferry Boats  make it to the port of Aegina in about 1 hour and 10’. The trip with a Flying Dolphin takes about 35’. The open-type ferry boats connecting Piraeus with Souvala and Aghia Marina take about 45′ and 1 hour respectively. Check more info about ferries to and from Aegina.

Are water sports available in Aegina island?

In Aegina you can find schools for water-skiing, canoeing, scuba diving, windsurfing, jet-skiing and so on. Check more info on our Water Sports page.

Is there a camping site in Aegina island?

No, there is no such option in Aegina. For accommodation suggestion, please visit our Aegina Hotels page.

What if I want to buy land or a property in Aegina?

Was your visit to Aegina such an unforgettable experience that you are already dreaming of coming back? For those of you who wish to create your own private paradise on Aegina, you can consult Aegina real estate agencies, let them know exactly what you are looking for, and they will take care of all the rest. For more info visit our Aegina Real Estate page contact us.

I can’t bring my own car/ I don’t have a car. Which means of transportation are available in Aegina?

There are quite a few alternatives for you to choose. Please visit our Aegina Transportation page.

I would like to make my wedding / the baptism of my child in Aegina. What do you suggest;

Congratulations for your wonderful news and your choice of Aegina island! For more info please visit our Weddings & Events in Aegina page or contact us.

Where can I find the Aegina emergency numbers (police, fire brigade, hospitals etc)?

On our Aegina Phone Directory page you will find all the emergency telephone numbers for the island of Aegina, regularly updated by weloveaegina Team.

How can I check which Aegina gas station is closer to me?

If you have decided to use your own vehicle to explore Aegina, then you should be well informed about the stations where you can refill your reservoir and move on. Check more at our Gas Stations in Aegina page.

Winter in Aegina? Is this an option?

Islands are by default considered touristic exclusively during summertime. This is only half the truth when we are talking about Aegina. And this is for 3 reasons mainly: 1) it is an easy-to-access destination even in winter, only 1 hour away from Piraeus, 2) bad weather (almost) never cancels its ferries’ schedules 3) the island boasts 17.000 permanent residents so it is always full of life.

There are of course hotels, restaurants and other touristic businesses that close for 3 months or so but in our blog post regarding Winter in Aegina we present to you those that stay open and we really believe you should give them a try!

How can I list my business at weloveaegina?

Gain international exposure and increase your client base. List your business in Aegina’s most contemporary and state-of-the-art travel guide.

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Which are the most popular sights of Aegina?

Undoubtedly the most popular/ well-known sights of Aegina are the Temple of Aphaia, the archaeological site of Kolona and St. Nektarios Monastery. If you only have one day on the island, you should definitely visit them. We, however, strongly recommend that you organize your visit to the island so that you have enough days to discover some of its hidden beauties.

Is Aegina considered as an expensive destination?

No, Aegina is not considered an expensive holiday destination. The island offers so many choices that it allows you to enjoy your holidays, whatever your budget.