Cocktails by the Pool

A Yacht Club of Jamaican style is the epitome of unwinding by the sea in Agistri, from early morning till late at night!

When you feel the relaxing vibes of Jamaica in Agistri, then you know you are enjoying the perfect vacation! Welcome to Yacht Club Jamaica Agistri!Yacht Club Jamaica is the cafe‑pool bar in Megalochori Agistri, a favorite hangout for locals and tourists who like to enjoy a refreshing cocktail in hand with views of the endless blue!

Brunch & coffee
The beautifully designed pool bar is open from 8 in the morning until midnight. Visit it to enjoy coffee, breakfast, and excellent brunch. After the first dip in the pool, we recommend the avocado toast, the healthy bowl with yogurt, and the homemade cheese pie – order it vegetarian if you like.

Everything served in the restaurant is 100% handmade! You will find their handmade burger with the secret recipe (since 2007), accompanied by fresh fried fries as well as all their sweets, which are also handmade, nothing is preserved. You must try their unique handmade cheesecake and their brownies asap!

Enjoy snacks, food, and cocktails by the pool – check out the many vegetarian options. The best part comes on summer Saturdays when the classic Greek music night with food and drinks takes place!

Live Music Every Tuesday and Thursday

Enjoy the live music of Christos, dance, and celebrate with the other guests of Yacht Club Jamaica Agistri. We recommend you make your reservation and come early to enjoy the specially designed menu (ask for the vegan choices on the menu during your reservation).

Resembling the atmosphere of a yacht club, Yacht Club Jamaica Agistri offers a shower, toilet, and changing rooms for the yachts’ guests at a small cost. Ask Christos, the captain of Jamaica Water Taxi, for weather information and many more sea tips!

Yacht Club Jamaica Agistri is also available for private events in Agistri. If you want a private event or cocktail party by the pool that nobody will forget, then go for it! You can customize literally everything from the event menu, the music, the setting exactly the way you want it! It hosts up to 150 people .. so feel free to invite us too haha!

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