Magiza Beach

For those seeking for peace and relaxation

Magiza Beach

And if you have come to Agistri to find your inner peace or enjoy some romantic moments you are looking for the quietest places to swim, Magiza beach is absolutely recommended.

Magiza beach Agistri offers exactly this “nothing” that we are sometimes looking for on our vacation. All the beauties of nature, the peace, the landscape, the waters but nothing more, nothing superfluous, nothing outside the natural landscape and beauty.

You will find Magiza beach in the north of Aponisos, next to Bariama, its sister-beach, with which they share similar characteristics. Follow the dirt road around the lake – you will reach Magiza beach 5′ after you leave the lake behind you – or 10′ after the cemetery of Agios Nikolaos.

Tip: Don’t forget to take with you all necessary supplies (water, hat, sunscreen etc) to enjoy this unique beach without suffering!

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