Horse Riding Aponisos Agistri

Horse Riding Aponisos Agistri


If you have always dreamed of learning to ride and exploring the magical world of horses, then Horse Riding Aponisos Agistri is the perfect destination for you! With riding lessons adapted to your level and under the supervision of the experienced instructor, you will acquire the basic knowledge and skills you need to become an excellent rider yourself!

At Horse Riding Aponisos Agistri, you will discover a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere where everyone is welcome, regardless of age or experience. Here, the horse becomes your best friend and riding turns into a unique experience of harmonizing with nature. Discover the joy of working with a horse, developing your balance and flexibility and building your confidence through each challenging ride!

Horse Riding instructor Aponisos Agistri is a dedicated professional with extensive riding experience. He will guide you with care and safety throughout the course. He will make sure to organize a unique ride, creating a romantic and enchanting setting for you and your friends! Enjoy the sun setting over the sea, cross beautiful paths with your horse, creating indelible memories! :)

With Horse Riding Aponisos Agistri you will discover harmony and a sense of freedom as you communicate with the horse through body language. It is truly an unforgettable experience!

Bonus Tip: Imagine an extraordinary wedding scene unfolding with the most majestic animals, as companions! Horse Riding Aponisos Agistri undertakes to host the wedding ceremony of anyone who wants something so special for the most important moment of their life! Isn’t it perfect??


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