Agistri hiking trails

Walk through Agistri's basic trails and explore more

Agistri is green all year round. The vegetation starts from the top of each of its hills and ends at the sea! Put on your sport (or hiking) shoes, get a hat, some water and your sunscreen and start exploring the Agistri trails! Depending on the time of the year, you might be able to admire the wildflowers that grow on its slopes. Interesting info: in the past, resin was collected in Agistri and traded outside the island. If you pay attention, you will see dug ditches on the pine trunks which were created by the inhabitants of the island to collect more easily the resin that was dripping and was this way collected in one place. Although Agistri is no longer dependent on the selling of resin, the grooves on the pine trees are a witness to the island’s commercial history.

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