Yummy Food In Agistri


Alkyoni Restaurant Agistri does not need any introduction for the locals of the island and its loyal and recurring customers. Greeks and foreigners arrive even from the nearby islands to enjoy Mediterranean flavors and atmosphere.It is located on the edge of a cliff in the area of ​​Skliri, near the beach of Halikiada, at the homonymous hotel complex. At Alkyoni Restaurant Agistri the setting is idyllic, one would say cinematic. Time seems to stop, thanks to the unobstructed views of the Saronic Gulf, the incredible beauty of the landscape and the relaxed, casual, family atmosphere, cultivated for decades by the owners of Alkyoni, Leonidas and Takis.

The restaurant’s cuisine is Greek‑Mediterranean with Turkish influences. The menu is based on the grilled dishes on the one hand and on the traditional home‑cooked dishes of the cook of Alkyoni, Vangelis, on the other. The raw materials, such as capers, sea fennel and fresh fish are taken straight from the nature of Agistri. Do not miss the shrimp spaghetti, the juicy roasts, the various specialties with local mushrooms and of course the dishes of the day.

Alkyoni’s kitchen has been operating since 1982 and it is no coincidence its clients return again and again. Last but not least, the restaurant has received positive reviews from respected international and national media (New York Times, Guardian, Athens News, Eleftherotypia, etc.).

In addition to lunch and dinner, visit Alkyoni in the morning or afternoon for coffee, cocktails and specially prepared drinks, raki and wine.


Are you looking for a good steakhouse in Agistri with large portions, quality meat, and very good prices? We just found and highly recommend Gyrokomeion Grill House in Agistri, which since 1989 serves one of the best meat skewers on the island!

On the one hand, the many years of experience and mom’s great cooking skills, on the other, the appetite and enthusiasm of the new generation, all turn Gyrokomeion into a not‑to‑miss destination for souvlaki and many more meat delights in Agistri! You will find Gyrokomeion on Momferatou Street, the main street of Skala. Visit it to enjoy tasty souvlaki, skillfully grilled skewers, rich portions, and delicious “Skepasti pita”, as well as hot dogs and burgers.

Among the must‑try dishes of Gyrokomeion are the “Skepasti” pita with gouda cheese, sauce, tomatoes, potatoes, and meat of your choice (kebab, burger, pork, chicken), the pita club and the delicious beef tagliata. A special children’s menu for the little ones is also served.

You can enjoy the flavors of Gyrokomeion steakhouse all season from 13.00 to 00.00, either at one of its tables or for takeaway.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday you will find Guest Djs on the decks playin the latest hits!


Did you know that the ancient name of Agistri was Kekrifalia and it translates as a decorated head? Omiros has also mentioned this name as one of Aegina’s allies in the Trojan War!

Kekrifalia Restaurant with this historic name, is located on one of the best balconies in Agistri! Open daily since 8:30 am, offering breakfast/brunch and later onlunch & dinner! Εnjoy your swim at the beach right in front of the restaurant while you try their amazing dishes. The overall down to earth and kind vibe of the staff, offers you a genuine Greek hospitality experience!

The restaurant specializes in the Mediterranean cuisine, with a hanful of choices, from handmade pies to local fish, shrimp pasta and various risotto recipes! All dishes are prepared with fresh, local ingredients! You enjoy them with an endless blue view!


A Little Wine A Little Sea is one of the meze restaurants in Agistri that you should definitely visit! You will find it within walking distance from the beach of Skala and you will distinguish it for the delicious fish and ouzo appetizers that it serves, at great prices. You will visit it, again and again, thanks to its youthful, friendly atmosphere, its relaxed vibes and friendly service.

In the fishing village of Skala, which is considered the center of the island and gathers the majority of options for food in Agistri, the fish tavern A Little Wine A Little Sea stands out for its all‑white setting. The careful and minimal decoration is inspired by the white of the island, while the sea view perfectly complements the atmosphere. The tavern is an ideal destination for couples, friends and families who enjoy the classic and creative delicacies of the kitchen. So, what will you have?

Whatever you decide to order at A Little Wine A Little Sea, you will enjoy it without a doubt! The owners of the ouzo restaurant emphasize on the quality raw materials and the great taste. We tried and recommend the mussels “A little Wine A little Sea”, the shrimp saganaki, and of course the delicious shrimp spaghetti. Accompany with your favorite ouzo or wine and feel the magic of Agistri. On the menu, you will also find appetizers, fish and seafood, as well as meat options.

Taverna Tasos is the only meeting point in the village of Limenaria, which, although small, is a passage on the route Skala Megalochori Dragonera Limni and Aponisos. Here you will find Nikos, who succeeded his father Tasso in the management of the tavern. With nearly 50 years of tradition, this shop is a family‑run business.

One of the unique flavors that you must try is the roasted rooster! This greek meze is extremely tasty and made the traditional way, using fresh chickens from their own coop. Served with potatoes or spaghetti, creating a perfectly balanced dining experience.

What makes Taverna Tasos so special is the old good logic.. of good quality food at affordable prices. All the dishes prepared in the kitchen are made by Nikos himself, with his own hands, thus ensuring the authenticity and freshness of the flavors. The tavern’s menu is updated daily according to the available products and seasonal raw materials.


In a nice courtyard in the most touristic area of ​​Agistri, Skala, Toxotis Agistri Restaurant has been serving quality homemade food since 1981. A former grocery store and afterward the school of Agistri, has nowadays become the favorite restaurant of locals and tourists in the past decades.

At Toxotis Agistri Restaurant, the Pappas family has the recipe for success! The excellent quality of the ingredients and the expertise of the cooker, the family’s mother, offer dishes of unbeatable taste! Everything served on the tables of Toxotis is handmade, while the impeccable service and the friendly atmosphere will make you want to return again and again.

We were impressed by the courtesy, respect, and care of Toxotis’ team, as well as the willingness of Kostas to explain and recommend the best based on our preferences.

If you are a fan of perfectly cooked meat, here you will find everything you’ll wish for, from skewers and lamb chops to beef steak.


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