Scuba diving for beginners in Agistri? Ooh yea!

Discover Agistri’s diving center! Learn scuba diving and take exciting boat tours of the island!

If you want to live an exciting scuba diving experience in Agistri or just enjoy a relaxing day on boat while touring around the island, captain and diver Babis invites you to an incredible trip you will never forget ❤️


Divers and people of all levels unite!! Babis has created a trip that combines diving and an unforgettable tour of the island, so that no one’s left behind! The first stop of the tour is Vathi, in the southern part of the island and there you can dive into a wreck, swim, or snorkel!

The second stop is the island of Dorousa for beginners or open water diving for the certified ones! The day continues with their famous barbecue, where everyone enjoys Babis’ grilled meat, as well as mushrooms, zucchini and other vegetables for the vegans and vegetarians of the group!

The ship accommodates up to 25 people, who by the end of the day will definitely have become friends!

Bonus Tip: You can always arrange your custom program with Babis, depending on the needs and preferences of you and your friends!

Bonus Tip 2: Interdive Agistri also offers training for all levels, starting from the age of 8!

This is btw their 10 year anniversary 🥳


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